Our individual coaching sessions are a great way to get custom-tailored strategies and tools. Every person is unique and no client or problem is the same. Together we will explore your life challenges and obstacles, and find real solutions. The tools and strategies are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and we use a lot of techniques from Animal Assistance Therapy. Paws In Life Coaching will guide you through this process with kindness, compassion, an abundance of experience, and expert know-how. And the great thing is, you can even bring your doggy along! And if you want, we can actively use your relationship with your dog as part of the process. Please keep in mind, that we don't provide the dog. You would be working with your own dog and use your own relationship with your dog as therapeutic tool. 


  • Communication Strategies for difficult situations and maybe difficult clients
  • Feeling a bit lost and not sure how to move forward in your life
  • How applied Learning Theory for the dog owners benefits your teaching and consultations
  • Having had a bit of a rough time, and you would like to have strategies on how to stay psychologically flexible in this time


  • giving you tools and strategies for helping you deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. This could be related towards your private life or overcoming a difficult event with your dog (e.g. loss of a dog)
  • using the relationship with your dog to improve your quality of life (e.g. healthier lifestyle, more social connections)
  • strategies and interventions to help you manage stress better and what you can do to stay resilient
  • overcoming shyness and feeling awkward in social situations with the help of your dog
  • using your dog as a resource in difficult times (e.g. living with a chronic illness)
  • People with dog phobia are also very welcome to contact us to overcome their fear and become more psychologically flexible around dogs

Want to have a chat about it to see if we are a good match for your needs? Contact us. We'd love to hear from you.