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Hi there,
Would you like to know how to improve the relationship with your dog? Or are you a dog professional, a vet, or working in the animal industry, and would like to know more about how human behaviour, thoughts and emotions impact our dogs and influence their behaviour, and how you can support the dog owner during your service? 

If yes, then attending the 2-day “Bravery Workshop” would bring great value to your life. The goal of the workshop is that by the end of the 2 days you will have inner resources that you can draw upon for the rest of your life. This isn’t a “traditional” dog-training course. This revolutionary course focuses on “the end of the lead” (aka the dog owner) and less on the dog.

So what will "THE BRAVERY WORKSHOP" cover?
This 2-day workshop is designed for dog owners, dog trainers, vets, and other people working in the animal industry, who want to learn more about how to troubleshoot common problems with the human at the end of the lead. Check out this video to help you get an idea:

Topics covered in the workshop:
- You will learn about the evolution, the keystones and the practical implications of "THE PACT MODEL", which is the theoretical foundation of the workshop and has been especially designed for the human at the end of the lead
- You will learn about unhelpful behaviours and thought processes that frequently interfere and stop the human-dog couple from having a good relationship
- You will practice grounding and self-soothing strategies, to set yourself up for success in your training and difficult life circumstances in general
- You will learn how to cultivate “emotional flexibility” that helps you create a sense of "BRAVERY" and resilience in your every day life
- You will learn to read human stress signals, and the best strategies that can help humans calm down the quickest without passing their stress onto their dog
- You will learn about the concept of “emotional transmissions” that we pass onto our dogs, often without knowing or being aware of them
- You will be shown strategies how to increase your confidence and self-esteem whilst interacting with your dog

The workshop will be hands on and it is designed to address common problems that dog owners face in everyday life.

You don’t need to have any prerequisites to attend this course, the only thing you need is an open mind that is curious and would like to grow. :) 

Who is hosting this workshop?
My name is Birdy O’Sheedy, I’m a clinical psychologist, coach and professional dog nerd, and have a true passion for helping dog owners. I’m a qualified dog trainer, but mainly work with the human at the end of the leash as this is what is often needed the most. 

We would love to see you and your friends there. So make sure to book today, and share and like it with your friends as there are only limited spots available! Click here to buy the tickets or follow this link:


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