Here are 3 Tips for Dog Owners of Anxious or Reactive Dogs

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🔹Be aware that YOUR mental state travels down the lead to your dog with lightning speed. This can work in your advantage or disadvantage. 
🔹Know that your dog can pick up on your emotions and some dogs notice every single micro gesture of their owner. So learn not to be reactive to life. Be calm, cool and collected. If this is not possible, take some time aside by yourself, BEFORE your interact with your dog. I know this is easier said than done, but give it a go. 😉
🔹Learn to be aware of your stress levels, your personal stress triggers and practice relaxing your nervous system with your breathing, a mindfulness strategy or use the “Drop Your Anchor” exercise. It needs to be a technique that you can do no matter where you are and by yourself. Your stress management is as important as teaching the dog to be calm and relaxed. It needs to a technique that you can do no matter where you are and by yourself. 

I know that these tips take time and practice. But they really helped me and other dog owners, plus it is something that is not often discussed in traditional dog training. 

Try it and let me know how you go! 
With a smile, Birdy & Luna ☺️