My Paws In Life Story: Jedda and Lana

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My name is Jedda, and my furry little sidekick is Lana. I would like to say that she fell into my life out of nowhere when I needed her most, but she didn’t. She’s the first dog I knew I wanted before I saw her, dreamed about everything we would accomplish together, and set out to make those dreams a reality. I knew that I’d learn a lot along our path, but I never realised she may as well be a philosopher with all the life lessons she lays down.  

Before she even came home, Lana taught me how to enjoy my health. Going through the motions of planning for her was daunting, because I knew this puppy was going to need a lot of time, a lot of patience, and take a lot of energy. I wanted a working line dog, and not being able to keep up was a huge fear of mine. I’ve lived with Crohn’s Disease since 2011, and in late 2015 finally reached remission, but the nature of the disease is unpredictable and can strike at any time. I couldn’t enjoy the quality of life I had worked hard for if I was always worrying it would be taken away and biting the bullet and going forth with getting her remains the best decision I’ve ever made.

Lana has also allowed me to truly see that it isn’t the destination you’re aiming for, but the journey you go through that’s important. Our path has felt rocky at times but led us to meet incredible people, form amazing friendships and learn more than I could ever imagine about training, dogs in general, and most importantly about my own dog.


She’s been glued to my side through some incredible moments of my life despite not yet being two, both wonderful and devastating, and always been there with a thumping tail and panting smile to see us through.   

I knew she was going to be a special dog. From the moment I picked her up and she fell asleep on my lap on the way home, I knew it was going to be a wild ride. I didn’t expect it to feel like three steps forward, two steps backwards, but those steps backwards are where we learn the most and allow the steps forward to feel so amazing. I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things, and it’s made me so insanely proud to call this dog my own, and lucky to share my life with her. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for the rest of the journey.


About the Author:

In the month of September, Lana and Jedda will be walking 150kms in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Crohn’s Disease and the Crohn’s and Colitis Australia organisation, which supports patients of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Check out their journey and feel free to support them for this great cause click here