My Paws In Life Story: Phil and Jack


Well as my day was coming to an end and I was making my way home from work, I was feeling rather relieved. Upon arriving home, as I pulled into the driveway I see this mutt sitting on my front door step. First thought that came to mind was wtf is little shit doing in my house. So I park the car, get out and go straight inside ignoring the mutt, in the hope it’ll go away. I greeted the good lady wife and then sat down intending to chill out for a while. I asked the missus if she knew anything about the mutt that was sitting at our front door. She had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Eventually I got up and moved to explore what is going on with this mutt.

So I open the front door in an anticipation that the mutt would be gone. Instead there he was starring at with a sad and sorry look on his face. I tried to shoo him away with very little success. He would go half way down the driveway and once I retreated to go back inside he returned and parked himself at the front door. I attempted on four or five occasions to make him move on to no avail! Upon paying further attention to his physical condition, he looked like he hadn’t had a decent feed for quite some time. Now I began to feel sorry for the poor bugger! Not having any pets at the time, other than the resident sparrows and black birds that would raid my yard, I had nothing to give this little fella to eat.

I go back inside, sit down and try to forget about my uninvited guest. Always having had an affinity for animals, I just couldn’t get him out of my mind. So I fossick through the pantry wondering what I can give this little fella to eat. In the end I decided to throw him a few salada biscuits. No sooner had they hit the ground they’d vanished. He scoffed them down quicker than I could blink. So I went and got a few more biscuits and saucer with some water.

I refused to let this fella in, thinking now that hes had a feed he will piss off! In the morning he was gone. I hate to say it but I felt relieved that he had disappeared, simply because I didn’t have time for a pet at that stage in my life.
So I carried on with my day as normal. Arriving home in the evening, there he was sitting at the front door again. My instant reaction was bloody hell, what’s he doing back here again. Believe it or not this routine went on for three days and he would return every afternoon waiting for me to arrive. On the fourth day he stayed on my front door all day. I decided that if this fella was there when I return from work tonight I was going to take him in.

Well you guessed it, he was waiting for me. So I brought inside! I instantly became a pet owner and this little fella became “Jack”. I had no idea what Jack was. He looked like a Fox Terrier cross Jack Russell cross Whippet cross god only knows. Jack was a thoroughbred mongrel, but he was such a lovely dog with a really beautiful nature and temperament. It wasn’t long before we became the best of buddies, mates and partners in crime. I can honestly say we were inseparable!
Today everybody’s favourite phrase is engagement. We all talk about this and having a positive interaction with our dogs. I had all that with Jack and the truth is I had no idea I had it! He was a little prey monster and would go all day chasing a ball, a rag a tug or whatever you presented him with. He had a huge heart and an enormous desire to please me. Allow me to give Jack an anthropomorphic persona! I think Jack felt that he owed me. Yep that’s right I saved his ass! Jack no longer had to battle for a feed and to survive the streets of Melbourne.

About the Author:

Phil Triantafillou is involved in the dog sport industry and has a true passion for his dogs. Hid dog Jack came in the 80s into his life and started his passion for canines and dog sports. I met Phil at one of my workshosps and was in awe how much he loved dogs and how many people he was mentoring. Phil, thank you so much for passing on your knowledge so generously and with such an open mind and heart! 


PS: Here is a photo of some his puppies...because well....who doesn't like puppies?!?! You are welcome. 

Brothers in arms. 

Brothers in arms.