My Paws In Life Story: Lauren and Lucky Dog


About 8am June 1, 2013, I got a rather distressed phone call from my eldest daughter saying she'd found a rather emaciated, flea ridden pup at the base of a dumpster, in the middle of nowhere, trying to find food. It was freezing and raining. I told her to bring the pup home, we'd feed it, train it up, foster it for a bit and find a forever home. Apparently when my daughter put her in the car, the pup curled up immediately at her feet and went to sleep. We were a foster fail. I took the pup to the vet - micro chipped her, wormed her and vaccinated her. We estimated her to be about 4.5-5 months of age.

Lucky Dog is not the dog I would have chosen - I am deadly serious when I say this. She had her issues. She was a difficult dog who pushed me almost beyond my limits. She broke me down as a trainer and built me back up again. There were times when I thought that I should not have a dog like her. I considered rehoming her. I then thought that I'd be no good as a trainer if I didn't get it right. So I persevered. It was blood, sweat and a tonne of tears. I had very dark days with her.


I have a deep connection with all my dogs. The connection I had with Lucky Dog was different though. She made me the trainer I am today. When I have people call me and tell me about their dogs that have issues - believe me - I know and I feel your pain. Before Lucky Dog, I did not have the compassion for people with difficult dogs. I certainly do now. They say you get the dog you need at the time. I certainly did with her and I will be forever thankful and grateful.


She was awful, she was wonderful, she was trying, she was considerate, she was a constant challenge, she was incredible, she was jealous, she was kind, she was goofy. With all that, she was the best demonstrator dog I have ever had. She shone the brightest and left a mark on everyone she came into contact with. Words can’t really describe her.

She is an Angel now.


Lauren is the Head Trainer at Pawfect Behaviour Dog Training and her work is predominantly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  She has has a passion for teaching pet owners how to have a lovely companion in their dog. 

She is bringing Meagan Karnes - The Collared Scholar - to Australia in November, 2018.  Workshops will be held in Sydney and in Melbourne and the content will be how to better engage with your dog.  She can be contacted by email - for any enquiries.