My Paws In Life Story: Isabelle and Wagges


Wagges was a mix between a Colley and a Belgian shepherd.
He passed away more than 20 years ago now, but I still feel that he is around me all the time.

He was the only puppy in the litter of two that survived. From the first day we got him he didn’t leave my side, he was always around my feet and very protective of me.

He was very clever, cheeky and affectionate, here are a few stories about him:

Because he always wanted to go out in the garden, we taught him to open the entrance door, he loved it! Then we taught him how to close it, but he didn’t like to do it because he had to slam it and didn’t like the noise. He would try to sneak in without closing it! But would always do it when told. The only times he would voluntarily close it were when he had done something naughty in the garden!

He loved biscuits and occasionally received some. I always had a bowl of biscuits and chocolates on the coffee table for my partner and I and for our guests. One week, I noticed that during the week the biscuits disappeared regularly, when the bowl was empty I told my partner that he could have left one for me. He told me he hadn’t eaten any all week! He thought I had eaten them all as well! We decided to put some more on the table and observed how our dog was taking them one at a time! No more biscuits on the coffee table after that!

Wagges had lovely beds, he was not allowed on the sofas, but sometimes jumped on them anyway. It took me years to find out because he knew the sound of my alarm in the morning and of my car engine and used these sounds as a signal to go back to his bed! I caught him one night as I was coming home with friends in a different car! And sometimes in the morning he was in his bed, but the sofa was still warm!

But for me the best part about my relationship with Wagges was when I found myself, unemployed, single and depressed. I credit him for snapping me out of my depression. Every morning when I didn’t want to come out of bed he would bark at me until I got up and taken him for a walk! One evening as I was crying, he looked at me gently and moved his head left and right and his eyes were saying: “come on mummy stop crying”, because I didn’t stop he then put his front paws on my lap and leaked my tears, which made me cry even more, receiving this love was almost too much. But because I hadn’t stopped crying he decided to use another technique, he stood in front of me and started barking at me. What I heard was “that’s it now, you stop this nonsense, I have had enough, if you don’t understand when I try to be gentle and loving, I’ll have to tell you off!” and it worked! After that I started to get better and found a job. We had a wonderful time together going for long walks in the forest.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t de-sexed and had the bad habit of escaping when there was a female in heat in the neighbourhood. He got killed by a car when he was 10 years old.

I feel so grateful to have been able to experience such a special bond with him.

About the Author:

Isabelle Dickson is the heart and soul of the Allied Health Clinic Waitara and the owner of Tao of Health. Isabelle always had a passion for dogs and currently owns the clinic dog “Poncho”, who is one of the sweetest dogs possible.