Do you wanna live in a fairy tale? - And yes, it is possible.

This  article from National Geographic (Photographer Ellie Davies) is great as it illustrates, if you are living in the present moment, if you are not getting caught up in your head, you then can enjoy all these beautiful and magical moments. Like this photographer noticing and capturing beautiful natural scenery. And it seems as if the photographer is in an enchanted forest and it is set in a fairy tale, just because she noticed all these "magical" things.

But what if I told you, magical moments happen all the time and everywhere? However, it is up to you to be able to see them and recognise them. Magical moments are small things. For example: Was it a smile from a stranger? Was it the sunlight that gave everything a golden shimmer? Was it an unusual looking plant? Did you spot one of your favourite animals? Did you smell something really pleasant? Do you actually know, what makes your day magical?

You can create beautiful magical moments in your life. Every day. But you must be willing to see them and engage with the present moment to notice them and let go of judging your surroundings and shoving things into mental boxes. Give it a go, it will be worth it! Who wouldn't wanna live in a fairy tale? ;) 

Love, Birdy & Luna