Recharge Your Batteries With Your Pooch

Life is so busy these days. Everything these days is go, go, go! We live in a society that celebrates and praises being busy and stressed. We glorify it. But what is that stress really costing you? What stress tax are you paying? Exhaustion, quick meals and no time to play aren't leaving you fulfilled, that's for sure.

So here are 5 suggestions, how you can recharge your batteries while hanging out with your pooch: 

1.   Detox from technology. Even if it is just not being on your phone or laptop one hour before you go to bed. Maybe just relax with your dog and loved ones. Or try our  "10 Mindful Pats" Meditation.

2.   Take your dog for a walk. Maybe explore new areas. Pay attention to nature: What animals do you see? What is nature up to? Anything in season and blooming? What does it smell like? What do you hear?

3.   Try something new with your dog. Maybe teach it a trick or sign up for a dog workshop (e.g. agility, nose-work, fly-ball, etc.) or go back to an obedience class.

4.   Pay attention to what you and your dog eat. Have you been so busy that filling your body and your dog’s body with nutritious food took a back seat? For instance, the busier I am, the more pasta I eat. And the more likely it is, that my dog Luna just gets high quality kibble. I usually like to feed Luna with raw food, and if time is really poor or we are travelling, I "spice" the kibble up with some sardines, fresh meat or some veggies.

5.   Be kind and compassionate to yourself and don’t get caught up in your monkey mind aka negative mental chatter. Just because the negative mental chatter exists, doesn’t mean it has validity and is accurate. ;)  

If you have any questions or would like to have some guidance in living a healthier more fulfilled life, CONTACT us! That’s what we are here for.

Love, Birdy & Luna