Paws In Life specialises in strengthening the human-canine bond. We focus on giving people tools and strategies to improve their wellbeing and the relationship with their animals. For instance teaching people how to mindfully pat your dog, rather than doing a 10 min breathing exercise.

Paws In Life has specialised in a niche market that helps dog owners with challenging and difficult dogs. If you haven’t had a dog with behavioural issues, this might not be relevant to you. But if you are a dog owner of a difficult dog, you know how many obstacles and challenges you have to overcome as life isn’t that easy sometimes with a difficult dog. Dogs with behaviour issues very often require a lot of training, your life needs to adapt  to their needs and it can be a very lonely and emotional journey. And Paws In Life would like to offer emotional support and coaching tools for these people. My dog Luna and I have been there. We know what it feels like and would like to share our experience and knowledge with you. As a result, we created the "BRAVERY PROGRAM".

For us, these 4 strategies worked and helped us a lot to stay committed to our training and also had a lot of fun along the way. Don't forget to sign up for our BRAVERY PROGRAM and get some info and free coaching advice.  

Let us know how you go and what you have experienced! Love, Luna & Birdy