What are your thoughts and experience regarding this study?

In this self-reported study, no evidence was found that anthropomorphic attitudes or activities are associated with behaviour problems in pet dogs. When I came across this study, I found this statement quite surprising.

The authors believe it is unwarranted to automatically blame the owners who interact with their dogs in these ways for 'causing' the dog to develop problem behaviours. Likewise, the fact that the dog develops a behaviour that is a problem for the owner cannot automatically be attributed to the fact that the dog did not go to obedience school. There are often significant factors other than 'obedience' that are the primary or contributing etiology of the behaviour problems.

What are theses contributing factors for behaviour problems in your opinion and experience?

I think that a lot of “problem” consultations for dog trainers are usually not purely “obedience” related. For instance, if you are treating separation anxiety, there needs to be a behavioural modification problem.

But what do you think and what have you experienced?

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