You are probably checking this site to get a bit more information about who we are, and why Paws In Life exists. 

First, let me introduce the Chief Canine Officer of Paws In Life, Luna. Luna is a whirlwind of life and is always up for some fun and shenanigans. She is a world expert in chasing air raisins (aka "flies"), her middle name is "fart blossom" as she can clear a room in a second, and overall gives the best cuddles in the world. Luna is an old soul and has experienced a lot in her life, some of it quite challenging. We are her third home, and she had a pretty rough start to life and wasn't socialised properly. As a consequence, she is a highly anxious dogs who is quite skeptical of the world. She has made progress in leaps and bounds now, and is my dream dog. Luna taught me a lot about myself, and showed me how challenging, but also how fun dog training can be. Having paws in your life is a real asset. 

My name is Birdy (Birgit) O'Sheedy and I'm a clinical psychologist, dog-nerd and life coach.  I've completed my NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation) course with a focus on companion animals. I would view myself as a “Positive First Trainer” when interacting with dogs. My strength as a coach is to help you deepen your bond with your dog, and consequently boost your overall well-being and mind space. In my workshops and programs I mainly focus on the human at the end of the lead, not so much the dog. So I’m not the right fit for you, if you want to teach your dog obedience or manners and you are looking for a “traditional” dog trainer. Most of my workshops and programs are seen as an addition to “regular” dog training as I focus on you, the dog owner. I show you how you can become more psychologically flexible, teach you confidence, and help you deal with difficult thoughts and emotions during the journey with your dog. I'm a big fan of evidence-based methods and have trained in quite a few methods world-wide (e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Schema Therapy). I have always been fascinated with behaviour and how to change behaviour to gain more quality of life, despite tricky life circumstances.  I've also held international workshops and presentations about burnout prevention, and how to be resilient when life is very different to what you have expected it to be. 

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In my private psychology practice, Pause In Life Psychology, I have witnessed countless times how beneficial companion animals are to my clients. They are just an amazing resource, if the client has a bond with the animal and is given the right tools to use it as an asset. And so, Paws In Life Coaching was established to combine two amazing fields: psychology and the relationship with your dog. Paws In Life Coaching focuses not so much on psychological therapy, but sees its mission in educating people and giving them tools and skills to improve their quality of life. And if possible, it involves working and engaging with your dog. Having a bond with an animal is something very pure and special. Animals can actively listen in a very non-judgemental way, they don't hold grudges, you don't have to worry if they approve of your hair or outfit, and are overall a great resource of a strong and secure attachment for many people. Something, that no matter how hard we try as health professionals, we can't offer to that extent. Plus, pets don't have business hours and you don't have to make a booking for an appointment. They are always there for you. And we want to utilise this amazing potential and help people overcome personal obstacles and ignite change.

I work with a strength-based solution-focused approach and the relationship is based on warmth, respect and trust. Confidentiality is the base of all our interactions. If you have any questions about Paws In Life, or would like to know more about how I work, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.